OK, I moved and am now finally trying to get my 4k setup going with my Outlaw receiver and amp. I had this working before, I think, but I'm having some issues again. Here is how I have it setup.

LG 4k TV:
HDIM2 (ARC) to HDS-42AVR Bypass
HDMI1 to HDMI ARC of Outlaw 975
Audio Out set to HDMI ARC (2)

Outlaw 975:
HDMI1 to HDS-42AVR HDMI Out (Audio)
HDMI ARC to LG 4k TV HDMI1 (so I can use the OSD)

HDMI Out (Audio) to HDMI1 of Outlaw 975
HDMI out (Bypass) to HDMI2 of LG 4k TV
HDMI1 from Sony 4k DVD player
HDMI2 form unconnect HDMI cable that sometimes gets hooked up to a laptop's HDMI

Sony 4k DVD player:
HDMI1 (not just Audio) to HDS-42AVR HDMI1

My OSD has all the inputs I need, TV, Disc, and Video set with Video HDMI1, Audio HDMI1. I think this is how it is supposed to be.

I'm pretty sure I got this working before, but, now I only seem to get the Sony 4k DVD to operate correctly, though sometimes it seems that the TV goes to HDMI1 input for the 4k DVD player. Anyway, when I try to get the TV going, with its Smart TV's options, the TV video displays correctly, but the audio does not come through.

Somehow, I got this working before. Can I please have some assistance in getting this working again?
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