After over a year of finding snippets of time between work, family, travel and other obligations I have finally finished my installation into the wall. Im really happy with the way it turned out. Thought I would share here.

We live in a two story house and our stairs make a 180 halfway up. Below the stair turn there is a half height wall that faces the tv room. The space is open underneath and provided for a good spot to create a proper installation. Here are the key parts of the install:
  • Three new circuits from the house breaker box, all three 20A
  • Installation of whole house surge suppression at the breaker box
  • Opening of the wall and doing some light re-framing work to get the proper width where I wanted it
  • Running of wires - one set out into the room under floor and behind baseboards and the other set up the wall into the attic above
  • Installation of a half height Middle Atlantic rack system
  • Installation of an Outlaw 7500, and Outlaw 7700 and a Marantz 7704

Here is the view from the front. If others want to hear more I'd be happy to discuss. This pic also provides a good view of what it looks like to install these components on shelves within the rack. I didnt use the standard rack mount - all three of these components sit on shelves within the rack.

Fun project! Mark