I have a 975. I am perfectly happy with it except for one thing. The maximum level that I can get when using HDMI inputs is low. The best I can do to calibrate is about 70. I am going to call this "HDMI gain" although that probably isn't really what this is. Optical/coax/analog/internal tuner are all ok. I am using a Bryston 3BSST set to high gain as a main power amp and some old D75s for the center & surround. I have built a simple opamp booster to give the setup some extra gain & that works fine but it is awkward and I would like to do things right without it.

I note that the 975 spec states the preamp output is "2 volts."
I also note that the 976 spec states the output to be "4 volts." That's about 6 dB difference which is just about what I need. BUT I am not at all sure that is a gain spec. btw, to further confuse the issue, my Bryston's gain switch (perhaps better called sensitivity) is labelled 1 volt/2volt.

So, my question is, will buying a 976 give me 6 dB more output from the HDMI inputs than my 975?


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