Hello Outlaws,
I was able to travel over to Chicago this past weekend to attend the Axpona 2019. So this was my first experience with this type of event. It was a bit exhausting with there being so many exhibitors whose rooms I wanted to visit but it was a good time. Saw and heard a lot of amazing gear and picked up some much sought after music.
Sat and listened to Paul Reed Smith (of PRS Guitars) for an hour, interesting conversations.
But for me the most illuminating events were the two rooms featuring Dolby Atmos/DTS X systems.
One of the rooms was a smaller space and a bit underwhelming. The second room was a bit larger and really demonstrated what this audio technology is all about. My wife, who by no means, is an audiofool like most of us are, was amazed by this demo room. Ok, certainly the demo tracks were chosen to showcase the systems abilities, and they did just that. The pinpoint audio cues around the room were quite spectacular. Well done!
We ended up visiting this room several times to listen from different vantage points.
Truely an Atmos system in my home system would be great!
But, sorry for all the rambling, I sure wish the Outlaws could tell us what’s going on with their processor, will it ever be a reality or is it not coming out and we should choose another route.
Cheers ,