Thank you very much for the input. Yes, I have 2ea. HDMI's going to the TV, one from the 975 and on for the Video pass through on the AVR. I have all settings for inputs set to HDMI 1 for video and audio on the 975. I have installed all new cables. Outlaw would not consider that there was a problem with the AVR, that it must be operator error. I sold the unit but the buyer sent it back because he got, Picture but no sound. Now Outlaw is telling me I need to reset the 975. I am going to try one more time, "fifth times a charm"
and see if I can get this sucker to work. If not, I feel that I am not asking too much to have OA check it out and not charge me $25. I purchased there product, they should support it.

Thanks again, I will let you know how it turns out!