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I would like to get some feedback. I am really frustrated with Customer Service. I purchased OA gear because I heard great things but my experience has been bad. Can't get the AVR42 to work, tried 4 different times from scratch, put in over 6 hours trying to figure it out. Opened 2 tickets, the last response was, "you can send it back but nothing in wrong, we never had a problem. We will charge you $25 to bench test it."

This response does not seem indicative about what I have heard. Look I am not a bitter guy, I just want to use 4K. 975 works great, shouldn't be this hard to get the AVR fixed or replaced. Interested to get your feedback, thanks

You currently have a support ticket open with questions we're waiting for answers on. It's true. We have been able to help with everyone's set up to this point.
We do want to help you! I know it's frustrating, but, this is true whenever anyone is having difficulty with their systems.
Please go back onto the support ticket and answer me.