1) 7.1 analog audio inputs claim complete analog passthrough the device. I take this to mean absolutely no ADC -> DAC conversions anywhere. I also assume these analog outputs of these inputs have volume control via the receiver, if so does this infer the volume control is a high-quality 8-channel analog volume control (i.e stepped ladder, etc.)? Or is there indeed a ADC -> 32-bit or better digital volume -> DAC in the signal path? Just worried if it affects transparency of the analog input signal (my source will be a DIY digital music server with high quality DAC and FIR room correction built in).

2) If a Dolby Vision device such as Apple TV 4K is attached to the 976, will it passthrough the Dolby Vision HDR to a compatible display? The website only says all current forms of HDR, which is not to clear.

3) If listening to a surround format via headphones, is the output downmixed properly to stereo (i.e. center/surround output is mixed to RL channels appropriately)?


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