First, I am loving my Model 976, it's a vast improvement over my previous Marantz in audio quality. One issue that I am running into is the FireTV Cube that I bought to serve as my streaming device is sending content at much lower volume than any other device I have tested including my disc player, TV (via arc), and nvidia shield. This is about a 30db difference, so it is more than a minor adjustment. Has anyone else run into this issue, and if so, were you able to resolve it? I am hopeful that there is a setting or configuration which I have overlooked on one device or the other.
Pre-Pro: Outlaw Audio Model 976
Amp: Earthquake Sound Cinenova Grande 5
Disc Player: Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500
Display: LG 55" Oled
Cables: Kimber 8VS
Interconnects: Kopul 4000 XLR
Front Left & Right: VMPS RM40
Rear Left & Right: RSL CG25
Center: VMPS RM30C
Sub: Monolith 12"