I believe I got a good response from the Outlaw support team. I thought the 975 and HDS-42SAVR were smart enough to do the audio switching automatically, at least the auto-switching was what, I thought I had read, happens, but apparently that does not happen. I have not tried this out yet, but according to the reply I got recently, You have to set every audio input on the the system you want to use your Outlaw 975 to use HDMI1. That makes sense. Thus, if you want the TV selection of the Outlaw 975 to work, it's Video is the Input of the HDS-42AVR, say HDMI3, but the audio, via the menu option of the 975, has to be HDMI1. Yet, say you have a game system to use HDMI2 of your HDS-42AVR, the menu of the 975's inputs, use HDMI2 as the video, but has to use HDMI1, for the audio, on the Game Input selection of the menu. They all have to be HDMI1, if you want the audio to work via the HDS-42AVR. It makes sense. I'm going to go try it later.
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