Hello all,
New to the forum; want to share my experience with the new BLSv2 speakers I received last week.
I am not a high-end audio expert but I have and do own many different bookshelf speakers that I rotate around a couple of systems (crazy but fun!) in my home so I can share my initial impressions and general comparisons.

I ordered my speakers online after receiving an email announcing they are available, and within 2 days they arrived. The packaging was excellent and they were flawless out of the box. The instructions are good.

The look is nice but basic. No fancy wood but they are solid and the binding posts are nice quality. They are designed to keep the metal grills on so that is how I have left them.

Regarding my source, I use the excellent Outlaw RR2160 receiver (great bargain BTW) and all my listening to date has been streaming through Tidal. I also normally incorporate a subwoofer (SVS) while listening. I have the speakers on stand, about 3 feet from the front wall. I will get around to spinning vinyl but I am listening less and less to records these days with the convenience and good quality of streaming. Plus, I guess I am a little lazy!

The sound: out of the box they definitely sounded like new speakers….kind of flat, not very dynamic and bass a little shy. Now that I have around 30 hours on them I can report that break in is very real for these speakers, all the deficiency’s when brand new have improved or gone away. So, advice to any one purchasing these, allow for break in. I spoke to Peter T. and he described a process of pushing lightly on the woofers with 5 fingers to speed up the process…I am a chicken and have not tried that!

I would describe the sound as smooth with good detail. I listen mainly to contemporary jazz so plenty of brass, drums, standup bass and piano. Have not listen to much vocals yet, and these are for music only. The Brass comes through slightly forward, the inner detail is excellent. Piano is full and expansive. Drums have a nice snap. The bottom end is improving nicely and the dynamics are getting better. Soundstage width is good and depth is even better.

I have changed cables…..started with a single stranded copper. Then bi-wired with silver. And now single with thicker stranded copper…I like the last cables the best so far.

I have also played with toe in…in my space I prefer slightly toed in to straight ahead. Just a little more detail and focus to the music.

I experimented listening without my subwoofer. Using the tone controls on the Outlaw receiver gave some nice results. I cannot move my speakers any closer than 3 feet to the front wall, so ultimately resumed using the sub. If I could position the speakers closer to the wall the bottom end would surely be fuller without the sub.

As I said I have other bookshelf speakers I listen to regularly…KEF, Totem, Revel, Q Acoustics, Wharfedale and NEAR in my current collection (nuts I know!) The prices are less, equal and more than the Outlaw speakers. In general, the outlaw speakers are very competitive with all of them. Of course, there are differences in each which come down to personal preference. In general, I can say the BLSv2 is an excellent speaker. The best I have? That would depend on the day you asked me!