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My nearly 5yo Vizio TV is being replaced by SquareTrade with a new 2017 4K, HDR10 Vizio. I was thinking I needed to replace my 975 But was thrilled to see this far more affordable option, the 42AVR. I'm still waiting for the TV to be delivered, but am reviewing the instructions for the Switch while waiting. I see how the switch is connected to both the TV and the 975 (specifically the HDMI ARC input). I also see how the 975 needs to be connected to the TV. But which one should be connected to the HDMI ARC Port on the TV, the 975 or the Switch? I'm guessing the Switch, but as clear as the directions are otherwise, I don't see this detail addressed?

How are folks using the Switch? Are you plugging all of your sources into it or just the 4K sources and leaving the others going thru the 975? I'm leaning towards the former b layout.

Happy New Year's folks,