Hello Outlaws!

I'm thrilled to hear the news (as of October 4, 2017) that production is about to begin on the 976. However, I saw no word in that announcement about the Atmos/DTS-X processor.

According to the update from January 2017, "As soon as production starts on the Model 976, our engineering teams will redouble their efforts on our Atmos/DTS-X processor. As mentioned, it is based on the same underlying platform as the Model 976, but utilizes two DSPs and additional DACs for a 7.2.4 channel configuration. It will add additional connectivity options and a few other features that many of you have asked for."

Can anyone (Outlaw Ben? PeterT) as to the current state of this prior claim -- does it still hold true? Will efforts be focusing back on this processor?

Oh, and by any chance will it have stereo XLR inputs? A man can dream (specifically, a man can dream of getting an Oppo UDP-205 and mating it to an Outlaw processor).

Still loving my 990, of course, so no hurry. ;-)