I used to have a Kenwood CD player about 20 years ago that had a 6 disc magazine which you loaded and then inserted into the player. I got the player as a door prize from a company picnic and didn't use it for about a year after I got it. Once I set it up I only used it about three times before the magazine would not eject. I finally had to disassemble it to get the CDs out of it and when I did I found several nylon gears inside stripped from trying to eject the magazine. I actually had it fixed under warranty at Circuit City but when I got it back it would get stuck at the end of a CD if the CD was more than about 40 minutes long and just go into a condition where it kept repeating the end of the track as jibberish. I threw it on the junk pile and bought a single play Sony that still functions today.
Music system
Model 990/7500/Magnepan 1.6 QRs/Technics SL1200 MK2/Aperion S-12 Subwoofer/OWA3/Sony NS75H DVD
APC H15 Power Conditioner

TV System
Large Advent Loudspeakers/ Polk center/Monoprice surrounds/Panasonic Viera 42 inch/Onkyo HT-RC260/Sony BDP S590/Directv

Home Theater System
Onkyo PR-SC886/Outlaw 7125 Klipsch RF-82 L/R,RC-62 center, RB-35 SR/SL, BENQ HT1075, Outlaw LFM1-EX/OPPO BDP-83/Directv
Harmony ONE
Blue Jeans and Monoprice interconnects
APC H15 Power Conditioner