Interesting question, especially over time. I would have to say that absolute worst was a Phase Linear Dynamic Tick and Pop filter that I purchased and returned in the 70's. It worked but got rid of a lot of music too. In my current living room system, it would have to be the TV and the DVD player.

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Living Room 24x18 open 1/2 flight up to a raised dining room/hall 24x12
Outlaw 975 pre-pro running 5.1 system via HDS-42AVR
Outlaw 750 for Artison Masterpiece LCR and 2 NHT SuperZeros rears
Velodyne Servo FX-1200
LG OLED65C8PUA via HDMI from HDS-42AVR & to the 975 via ARC
Samsung BD-D5500 BluRay via HDMI to HDS-42AVR
Arris 6 Channel whole house DVR via Time Warner Cable via HDMI to HDS-42AVR

Family Room/Kitchen 24x15
Outlaw 1050
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Squeezebox v3 Classic
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