I've got a Magnavox DVR/DDR That's strictly general usage quality, but it's the only unit available with the functionality that I want and . all things considered, isn't too shabby.
Beyond that, my Polk speakers are probably my weakest link.
Though, tey're still too good to replace.
Oppo BD83SE
Pioneer Elite DV-47A
Magnavox HDMR513h DVR/DVD-R
Sony DVD megachangers-2
Sony CD megachangers-2
Monster power centers-2
Sony 48" rear projection SDTV
Roku video player
JVC AL-A158 Turntable
Polk RT-2000s,CS-650,XS-650s,RT80s
Hsu VTF-1
12" Velodyne

Family room:
OPPO 970
Sony 32" direct view HDTV
Denon 3801
Rolk RMs