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I love the Logitech SB boombox. The sound is pretty good and the networking is terrific. Why get stuck with music from an ipod when you can stream all your own music and listen to anything you want over the internet?


Although I do not have said device (I have several Turtle Beach Audiotrons), I wholeheartedly agree with your comment regarding both selection and fidelity that streamers facilitate.

True, many streaming stations out there are not exactly high-res, but some are...and the fact that a single library can be streamed to multiple devices (in multiple rooms) simultaneously is indeed great - and even better if it's in FLAC or wav format. Regrettably, the Audiotron's are long-in-the-tooth and do not inherently support FLAC, but I picked up several of them for a song, and have my library (25,000 + songs) in .wav (for the audiotrons), in .flac (for archival and conversion to other formats / use on my hacked mp3 players that support .flac), and 320 kbps for mp3 player use (i.e. in the car, etc).

I know it's a bit of overkill maintaining the library this way, and if I could find a simple way to get the Audiotrons to play .flac, I'd 86 my .wav library, but until that happens or until they start to die en masse, I'll stick with them and maintain the library this way as hard drives are now insanely cheap. I'm not sure what my next streaming device will be, but again, having access to an uncompressed library and to great stations on the 'web is indeed a thing of beauty...and frankly, I could care less about iPod / itouch / iwhatever compatability.
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