OK, after reading this article I have come to the following conclusions and I am asking all of you if this would be your conclusions as well.

1) Under the "Channel Calibration" menu on the 990 set the subwoofer to -15db, the lowest setting.

2) Then on the SMS-1 when doing the initial level set for the test volume use the 990 volume to set the right side of the curve.

3) set the SMS-1 volume some where in the mddle to allow both up and down adjustments, say 15.

4) Use the SUB's volume to set the left side of the curve.

If I understand the article correctly it is suggesting that if the input signal to the SMS-1 is to large it will cause a disproportionate amount of distortion the lower the frequency goes. However at lower input levels the distortion can be kept to 0.1 to 0.2% which is not great but certainly better than the results shown when using a larger input signal to the SMS-1.

Has anyone out there heard this distortion in real life? I tried a couple of simple tests and although I thought that it did sound better at lower input levels to the SMS-1 I felt that it was no where near the kind of difference that was shown in the referenced article above.

I am curious as to what others think about this situation as this is the only article that I have ever seen giving the SMS-1 any kind of bad rap.

Thanks in advance for your comments,

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