When selecting a X-over setting at the 40-60 Hz range aren't you assuming that it is a "large" speaker? Isn't having the option of choosing a large/small speaker and the high pass selection a bit redundant? When I initially set up my 950 I had my fronts and rears configured as large. The fronts I had set at the 40 mark and the rears at the 60. This worked quite well for DVD's but when watching non-digital cable TV the sound of PL and ProII was very thin. It lacked any sort of punch even with the bass on the TV turned way up. Only when I selected the Speaker settings as small did I get any satisfaction out of the cable broadcast. I guess what I'm asking is that when the 40 or 60 setting is used does the lower range get output through the sub? What is the difference between the Large 50 hz setting and the small 50 hz setting?