sjvalin, did you get your new Maggie center? I think it is the MGCC3. If so, I'm curious how you like it and whether it was worth $1K.

I'm in the market for a new center also but am having to do a lot of other amp upgrades to accommodate the inefficiency of my Maggies (I currently use the MMGs front with Infinity center and a Nakamichi AV-10 100Wx5). I'm thinking about adding 2 200s for the left and right IF my AV-10 will power the new Maggie center adequately. Otherwise, I've got to make a decision on going the full 5 M200 route or just saving a few bucks for now and get only 3 M200s. Ultimately, I plan to replace my rears with the MGMC1s so will probably need the power amps for all channels.