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Cool. Which maggies do you have? I'm thinking of a similar setup to yours using 1.6QR's for the L/R, the new center (due to ship any day now), and either MMG's or MGMC1's for the rear. The MMG's are cheaper and have better specs. I may try them, since I get a year to trade up on them. I'd love to hear you your maggies sound with the outlaw amp.

I've actually got 1.0's... I've had to replace the tweeter wire on the right speaker, but other than that they're great

the 200's sound really good with them.. I haven't listened to much music yet, but they sound a whole lot better than they did with my old receiver...

Eventually I think I'd like to get a pair of 3.6's...

I guess the center you're talking about is the mgmc1? I think the center is the next speaker I'd like to upgrade in my setup and now that I've got the 950 with the crossover I'm not afraid to put the magnepan center up there... my current center is an Infinity CC-3 I got the best center speaker available from Circut city and that was it.. (this was before I knew about more specialized stereo stores)