I think soundhound is onto something here with "it's only as good as the recording." I think the proper phrase here is that, "You can't shine a turd!" If the music isn't what you like to listen to, no amount of fidelity is going to change that opinion.

As to the claims of another poster here on this forum....umm...use your ears. You claim they can hear pretty high, so go do some critical listening between a properly hooked up system playing a master tape, a DVD-A copy of that source, and a SACD copy of the same source. Well, if you can't hook that up, go find this month's copy of MIX magazine. Then read the Stone's remasters producer's comments after he listened to the aforementioned set-up using the original Stones masters. It's very enlightening stuff to say the least. I think here that soundhound has the proper point again...listen to the testimony of the engineers working with these formats. These people deal with audio every single day and have probably had experience with almost every format out there. Their word may not be the final point on anything, but it does help to show at least me what they like and what they think works. Again, the final judge on any arguement about sound is your ears. If you like what they hear, enjoy!