I also bought Carol King's Tapestry album (a glaring omission in my music collection) on sacd. I thought the mutichannel presentation was tasefully done and while I enjoyed the presentation, I thought the recording was "dry". I'm not one to use high-end audio teminology a lot, but I knew that something was on the tip of my mind's tongue (If my heart can have a heart, it's only fair that my mind have a tongue to tell you about it). I listened to Tapestry a couple of more times in the next week and still could not describe to my satisfaction my thoughts on the recording. A few days later, the word "dry" just popped into my mind about this recording and I knew that I had found THE word.

I am looking forward to new sacd releases. I hope there will be a wide variety of NEW material out on sacd. As far as reissues of old recordings, I would love to have the Beatles on sacd. Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lets: YEAHHHH BABY!!! Generally speaking, the Stones are not my cup or tea, or gin.

I have been buying fewer and fewer cds in the last few years because I have been increasingly dissatisfied with my old cd player. The sacd player does a much better job on redbook cds: my cd purchasing may go up.

I think sacd and dvd-a will remain boutique audio media untill a significant percentage of NEW MAINSTREAM POPULAR recordings are released on the medium. I do not know how much clout Sony or Philips has in the music recording, etc. area (Sony is in that business, too), but things are moving slow, it seems.


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