Sanjay, you wrote, -
"BTW, the reason I'm asking you to check whether there's a phantom downmix feature in the 950 and not the RP-91 is because, if it this feature is present in the 950, then it'll be good news for anyone who wants to listen to DVD-A and/or SACD without a centre."

Great point. For the 950 to do this though, it 'must' convert the analog signal back into digital right?
And then it's able to downmix a phantom center and do all the other stuff like level balance and full bass managment (meaning 'not' the analog 80 Hz setting).

Maybe the best test is for someone (say... Lena the A+ Best Sport!!) to compare normal DVD-A analog playback (from a disc that 'has' a center recorded) to what (if any) audible damage the 950 does by proecessing it digitally and then back into analog.

This test could be with the center on or off/downmixed since the main thing would be to hear someone's preference or opinion on how 'clean' the 950 re-processed the analog DVD-A signal.

That's what you're talking about right?