Sanjay, no nothing out of the center with 6-channel analog/ Panny center speaker ON/ Outlaw Center speaker NONE/ speaker wire removed from the FL/FR. And the Law (or the Panny) is definitely Not trying to downmix to the surrounds.
Thanx for checking. So at least we know that nothing gets sent to the centre when it's set to 'NONE'. Next step, if you're willing: reach behind the centre speaker and unplug the wires, leaving only the Left & Right working up front.

Now, play a DVD-A that you know has some significant centre channel content. In the 950's set-up menu, go back & forth between centre set to 'NONE' and back on. If you hear a difference between the two settings, then some sort of downmixing is going on; you'll clearly hear it in your front-main speakers. If you don't hear any difference between the two settings, that means that centre channel contentis not being re-directed to the fronts.

BTW, the reason I'm asking you to check whether there's a phantom downmix feature in the 950 and not the RP-91 is because, if it this feature is present in the 950, then it'll be good news for anyone who wants to listen to DVD-A and/or SACD without a centre. I mean, if it turns out that this feature exist only in the RP-91, that's nice but it doesn't help anyone who doesn't have that particular player.