Now, having done that, set your 950 to "no center" and play a DVD-A disc through the 6-channel analog inputs. Is anything coming out of your center speaker?

Sanjay, no nothing out of the center with 6-channel analog/ Panny center speaker ON/ Outlaw Center speaker NONE/ speaker wire removed from the FL/FR. And the Law (or the Panny) is definitely Not trying to downmix to the surrounds. Things get awfully sparse.

Azryan, I listened one more time to Alanis Track 3 “Hands Clean” she starts out a few seconds into the track heavy with a quieter vocal in the center (does not have A LOT of instrumentation going on here). I can hear that her vocals are in the FL and FR very very faint. Although I still feel it looses some impact, there has got to be downmixing going on. What I hear in the FL/FR with center on in this portion just doesn’t create the detail of her whispery stylized voice coming from the center speaker. She’s almost sliding on her S’sssss in the center here and I don’t hear that from ear to the FL/FR. When I switch to center/none its there in the FL/FR, so it must be dividing it between the two.

Have I found a DVD-A for you! Simply labeled “Trey Anastasio” I didn’t know what or whom it was I just picked it up because it appeared to be one of those mismarked priced as a regular CD.
So far I really only like a couple of tracks on it. BUT, the guy must be big 2-channel aficionado who likes surround (or his mixer forgot that option on the board). There is practically nothing recorded in the center channel, once in a blue moon there’s a few runs/notes played through the center. But he just stays out of it most of the time. At least in my quick 1-min play of the start of each track just now. And put this one also in the group of DVD-A’s with which you can disable center thru the panny.alone. (now 4 out of 5).