Must be like a giant wall of Alanis or something? Yes its a lot of Alanis, sort of like this:

Seriously I went back and forth playing these DVD’s with ear on the center/L/R and there was mucho vocals in the L/R etc on most of them.

If you like Pink Floyd..., you should check our Roger Water's CD Amused to Death (as good as Dark Side or The Wall). It's recorded in Q-Sound. My husband was just asking me if I knew of or had ever heard of ‘quad sound’, commenting on how it was one of the earliest attempts at creating an acoustical emulation of surround. I’ll look it up.

it sounds like you think my phantom center spreads the center channel info out making it wider than it would be with an actual center speaker?
No. I know what you mean by a perfect rendition of a human vocalist dead center stage and razor sharp and realistic, -, that can pop out of excellent CD. I (think) I’m trying to refer to the fact that the center channel carries more sound information than just the human sized vocalist. And when the recording (or mixing) is not done by a talented studio, that filling that center area in with a center speaker can just beef up the thinness of the whole experience of a sub-par recording. You can get a bigger soundstage, in the sense of is it a 3 piece band (like) Vs orchestra (like) spread out and full, - when the recording is bad. And at times on certain DVD movies where the sound engineer has been very busy. An effect will pan from center then L/R then to the surrounds. (A 3 stop movement to audibly track) Does phantom center recreate that shift from center track to Fronts? (a car rolling by the side of the actor, bullit zinging etc.) I guess it could in theory if it can put a vocalist dead center who isn't there?

The Vienna Acoustics Beethoven’s? Did you buy a matching center for the Beethoven’s already? Thank you, - Yes and Yes. Its Hi Ho, - Hi Ho….off to work she goes….(to pay for them). (Actually what I lost was a retaining wall I was about to have built, - will have to put off for a bit, in fact this retaining wall has been bumped at least 3 times this last year in favor of AV purchases! (The old one is falling boom)
I couldn’t stand the center not up to the mains when in digital or 6-direct, (since I do use one) so I got the Vienna Maestro. I really like these speakers, I have trouble trying not to talk about them all the time at the moment…(like a kid at Christmas, as a matter of fact it IS my Christmas). They floor me every night. So does the Outlaw running them by the way. I will fess up, I wondered if the Outlaw would keep up with speakers which pass more clarity and detail out at the end point than my old set. The Outlaw floors me too, the only thing holding the 950 back turns out WAS my speakers. What’s coming out of the (new) speakers IS GREAT, and it is the Outlaw passing it. I’m sure these speakers are not the end all, but they are a nice stop on the path. I have not heard many of the speakers I would like to personally audition, they are just not located where I have time to travel and some I’m interested in I guess could be mail-order only….. But how much more detail can you hear than when a lip catches as singer breathes??? And the tone? Resonance and proper (musical instruments have color to me) of a guitar/bass strings/violins/harp/flute/piano you name it….is there. Another plus, (just for the visual…the cabinetry crafting is superb. Many many things that always bothered me in the vast round of speakers readily out and about to hear, are corrected or minimally -existent in the these Viennese boxes, there are just more suited to my personality.

The husband had come in and was on the AV. I think he may have just moved out to work on (yippy) our new AV display stand he broke down and started building, (the guy we wanted for this job retired). I’ll see if I can sneak some time to run Sanjay’s test.
Tomorrows out…I’m taking off to go ride for the day, so if not now may be a couple of days to get to it...(Business backs up when I’m gone).

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