Azryan, just go to the blackboard and write 100 times. Sony 60” LCD’s are not that bad.
Now that we have that over with, follows the further test results.

(Aren’t I just wicked….. )

I had 4 selections:
1: Silverline: Dream Suite III: DVD-A, DTS, DD 3.2/1
2: Silverline: Night In Paris: DVD-A, DTS, DD 3.2/1
3: Silverline: Women on Top: DVD-A, DTS DD 3.2/1
4: Maverick: Alanis Morissette, Under Rug Swept: DVD-A DD
Checked all discs first before starting this time, in attempt to find heavy infor localized to the center channel. I checked all 4 discs, starting the first min. of each track and each had info in the center that was basically repeated in the FL/FR.
In other words the simple ‘gut test’ from a DVD-video dialogue only in center channel would not apply to any of my DVD-A selections as too much information is repeated across the fronts in all channels.

Disconnected the optical digital cable from the P-91 and the 950.
Ran the center test again: With Center speaker disabled in the P-91 menu, set to Small on the Outlaw.
No center sound from Disc # 1/2/4
Center speaker disabled in the P-91 and center disabled in the 950. No center sound Disc #3.

My personal thoughts: You can use the P-91 and the 950 and purchase DVD-A’s and get a majority of the experience you are looking for.

There was no difference at all on many tracks especially as regards #1/2 (classical) in fact on a couple of tracks it did broaden the stage to a favorable slight effect in a way I might prefer if I was optimizing each track, (but I won’t, - I’ll leave my center in play). The only Degradation was on #4 Disc, where I needed to push dB to get the same effect as with center. I also noted on this disc only that I really needed to push calibration up on my FL about 2-4 dbs. . Then it was a fair match. I did not optimize my mains for this test, as if I intended to run them without a center at all times.
Morissette’s vocal did not gut out, nor disappear but there was a localization and crispness to her vocals I would miss without the center. (My preference). I feel having a center available just broadens your options.