I did not try messing with DD or DTS tracks on these 2 discs,…will do. Although the ‘Paris’ DVD-A (which I checked is listed as an A disc on the web) was giving me fits trying to roust either of those 2 (DD/DTS) out of it when I first purchased, (I hijacked a thread possibly in Fav. Demo’s on this very topic). I’ve got my Panny menu’s down better now. So I’ll give it a go again. For the test I just detailed it was only while in 6-channel Direct. Which should disable my optical digital connection, but I will try unhooking this later to verify that by changing menus in the Panny and Outlaw, something is not being thrown (somewhere) into a Digital conversion. I would think it would bypass the optical entirely with 6-Direct selected.
One thing I have found about DVD-A discs are wide variations, in menus, abilities, how you go about accessing tracks, (this could use a little more standardization in this industry).

As regards the sound, I flipped the center on/off and noticed no particular degradation in sound, it changed a hair but I really only listened for this (It was a very quick test) on ‘Women on Top” with vocalists. (Also the majority of the time I was listening from another room!) All information still seemed to be there with center disabled and no noticeable reduction in strength or volume. I wondered however how much a center track might have repeated in the L/R and that was why I asked for clarification on how you wanted it tested.

If you’ll forgive me…all I do these days is work (and the forum) but tonight (very rare for me) I am actually going to an annual gala event. With waiters in tux’s plying me with wine, buffet, live band, and shopping (I try to knock out/start my Christmas shopping here as much as possible for the 35 jillion family members) and have to stop work early today to clean up for this event.

Give me a couple days, I believe I have also aquired at least one or more new choices in DVD-A. (I’ll try a broader demo), and I’ll run it all through its paces, as you suggested. Let me know if you think of anything else you want me to do.