Walk me thru what you want me to try and I will. Not positive this is what you are trying to ask.

If you want the ability to disable the Center and let the mains create a phantom, (although phantom is not addressed in the manual). This is what I tried.

On the Outlaw while in 6-channel Direct, - playing a DVD-A ‘Woman on Top’. I tried disabling the center speaker in the Panny menu. I still got sound out of the center. I stopped and disabled the center channel thru the Outlaw setup. (Disabled in the panny & Outlaw menus). And this worked, I had no center.

On a different disc, again in 6-channel Direct, “Night in Paris” DVD-A. I disabled the center channel in the Panny menu only, the Outlaw was on ‘Center small’. And this worked, I had no center.

There seems to be differences between the discs themselves as to ‘how’ I get there. But on either discs one method or the other I could disable my center.

Let me know if this is not what you are looking for, give me a roadmap and I’ll attempt whatever!.

Just rereading posts above you seem to be checking to see if the center channel information will be downmixed into the fronts. How would I test wheter or not this is so. Since I put the Beethoveen's on line, anytime I run just the fronts (in Stereo bypass) (and here on the multi-channel DVD-A with center disabled) I have the illusion of a center channel running. But not the expertise to judge if the center channel info is just discarded when I disable center or mixed into the fronts?

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