If I can ask a slightly off-topic question...

Anyone with any of these Pioneers (or Lena with your Panny) know if they will downmix a 'phantom center' while playing DVD-A or SACD??

I've asked this EVERYWHERE and no owners seems to ever know.

Obviously I'm in very small minority by not using a center chan., so this feature is probably useless to you all, but I just need to know if it can be done, or if I'll be forced to build a center chan, and buy one more amp for my room.


Also, any of you compare the CD output from these players to the 950's analog vs. the 950's own DAC via digital connection?

"Huge diff.!"
"Subtle diff".
"Hard to say, but I prefer..'x'"

Sorry to ask if I maybe I missed it if you already did.