I have the Panasonic RP91, and have been very happy. However if your interested in the dual format capability this one is not for you with DVD-A only. It is also aging with an older Genesis chipset. But I purchased it (at the time) for its workhorse, - well-respected rating. (And dropping price) And most particularly for its screen scaling capabilities, which was a feature slim on most units at that time, since I have a Display thatís locks into Full on progressive mode.
The Pioneer 45 was on my short list to look at, but when I purchased every place I tried was out of stock of the current model I never could check the Pioneer out in person, - so I went with the 91. I wanted to see the new Pioneer coming but would not wait till it hit the market.
Iíve seen a lot of good press on the Pioneer, and would consider it myself to be very worth giving a go.
I found in DVD players more than most units, that not a ONE came with my desired specs (when I purchased) The latest ... Faroudja Sage with 12 bit on video, WITH scaling and aspect ratio controls, (thatís the part thatís hard to find) with DVD and SACD. So I gave up and went for the 91.

I focused on the pic quality for this purchase more than the audio but the 91 does a great job in passthru, where I have an option to disengage the video side of the unit when I use it soley for CDís.