Charlie- Finally someone who understands what I did! You are exactly right, and in fact Outlaws themselves mentioned that the delay present for processing the digital crossover might be responsible. (I kind of thought that they were getting more phase shift from the analog crossover, simply because it was analog.)

I put this in another thread, but... I *would* be able to change the phase relationship of all the mains vs only the LFE channel in my DVD-A/SACD player by simply changing the relationship between how far the sub is away vs the rest of the speakers. The problem? Doesn't work for bass crossed over from the mains to the sub in the 950, and my DVD-A/SACD player doesn't do time alignment on SACD (just DVD-A).

But now that you mentioned it, one solution might be to adjust the distances in the 950 to match the phase shift of the digital crossover to the analog one (the reverse of changing distance settings in my DVD-A/SACD player). Just that that would "change" the overall time alignment of my system wrt CDs, DVDs, etc. Something to think about though. And, that might explain why some people don't see this: they don't have the distances set (correctly) in the 950.

Neat stuff to think about!
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