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The immediate question is, what does the 950 do with high frequency input in the LFE channel, in analog 6 channel processing as well as digital processing. I don't think the manual says.

However, while DVD-A/SACD's may send high frequency signals to the LFE channel, I don't know if DD or DTS may do this as well. How high in frequency can the LFE channel be, in DD and DTS?

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With regards to the 6 ch analog direct subwoofer input, the LPF filters out high frequency information at 120 hz. It is not redirected anywhere, it's simply gone. I didn't ask what the slope is. I think that this is only problematic if you have a full range speaker hooked up to your subwoofer output. The stuff I heard coming from my subwoofer with my previous unit with DVD-As tended to distort because the speaker is simply not designed to reproduce the higher frequencies.

In the digital domain, I have to imagine the subwoofer channel will get signal based upon the crossover settings which will yield a maximum frequency of 150 hz plus higher frequencies determined by the crossover slope. What happens to an LFE signal in DD or DTS with hypothetically high frequencies is a question the Outlaws would have to answer.