Originally posted by Kevin C Brown:
If it is 120 Hz, then there should be a slope to it,

Stuff like that should be in the manual somewhere...


i agree. if you don't know what's happening to the signal, how the heck can you tailor it properly to your own taste?

question to all:

should the lfe channel be controlled by the (a) processor or (b) outboard or (c) either/or with a bypass option?

what features are necessary to control the lfe channel?:
1.) fixed, selectable x-over points
2.) variable x-over
3.) phase reverse switch
4.) variable phase control
5.) parametric eq
6.) subsonic filter
7.) level control
8.) selectable slopes
9.) delay control (time alignment)

vote: a, b, or c and which, if any #'s, with comments.
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