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a crazy thought just occured to me. i am beginning to think that the 950 employs NO low pass filter to the .1 channel in 6 ch bypass mode.


I haven't really tried getting into this phase thing yet, perhaps this weekend. But, I can tell you that I'm quite certain there is a LPF on the sub channel in 6 ch bypass. My previous unit was a Kenwood receiver (VR-409) that has a 6 channel bypass. When playing certain DVD-As, I'd get snare drum, high frequency reverb and early reflections, and even vocals in the sub. I would always have to engage the filter on my sub to remove (and consequently lose) the material. With the 950, I have no need to engage the sub's filter because the the pre/pro is doing the filtering for me. Several months ago, I asked Outlaw about this very subject because of my experience with the DVD-As and the Kenwood and Scott reported to me that the 950 has a LPF set at 120 hz on the 6 ch bypass sub channel. The ICBM has a 150 hz LPF on its sub channel.