SOP- I don't know why you are getting the results you are. Both Will and now bbarden have gotten what I did. One of these days, I'm gonna order that Chesky DVD-A test disc, and then I'll let you know why/how if that one is any different. Remember, my tests have always been with either linear PCM from the DVD player, or 2 channel analog from the DVD player, but then A-to-D'ed, processed, then D-to-A'ed all in the 950, or the L + R front 2 channels of the 5.1 analog inputs. Maybe DD/DTS is also out of phase with the stereo (digital & analog) inputs, but in phase with the 5.1 analog inputs. Hard to believe, but could be true... One more thing, you have to have the distance to the mains in the DVD player set to be close to or exactly the same as the distance to the sub. Otherwise, you could be thinking that the LFE/mains are in phase, whereas the crossed-over low freqs from the mains to the sub (in the 950) are still out of phase. (If that makes sense.)

BoB- "i am also beginning to think that the 950 has NO digital crossovers, but rather, the selectable crossover points are selected digitally, but still only engage the analog crossovers, after d/a conversion."

That can't be true. The 950 *only* has an 80 Hz analog crossover, but it has 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 Hz digital crossovers (I might be missing 1 or 2 there). Also think about the Rotel. No analog crossovers, but still the same (or close to the same) choices for the digital ones. That's because Outlaw added the analog 80 Hz a la the ICBM to the 950, but both pre/pros have the same Cirrus DSP engine, hence the same digital crossovers.

I also have all speakers set to large in the 45a, and am using the analog crossover in the 950.

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