a crazy thought just occured to me. i am beginning to think that the 950 employs NO low pass filter to the .1 channel in 6 ch bypass mode.

are you guys using your sub's crossover in these phase tests?

i am also beginning to think that the 950 has NO digital crossovers, but rather, the selectable crossover points are selected digitally, but still only engage the analog crossovers, after d/a conversion.

so, when in a dsp mode with speakers set to small, when you select the high pass point, you automatically select the low pass point of the lfe channel, which is the same point. but, when in 6 channel bypass mode, the high pass/low pass point (switch 'on') is preset at 80hz...but... only for the 5 channels. the .1 channel has no low pass filter applied. if you aren't using the sub's filter, in dsp mode, you have a phase corrected L/R4 low pass on the lfe, and in 6 channel bypass, you have no filter at all.

if you are using your sub's low pass filter, in a dsp mode, you have cascading filters and, in 6 channel bypass mode, you have only the sub's filter.
i guess trying the test with the sub's crossover in and with it bypassed might shed some light.

this is just a thought, nothing more. it occured to me as i tried to find info in the manual about the digital crossovers (of which there is none).

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