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The "out of phase" problem is with the 950, not the 45a. (Sorry!) Everything comes out of the 45a in phase. (Assuming you choose the distances correctly, which don't work anyway for SACD. But my tests included that.)

Even if using the BM in the 45a, it still might be out of phase. The problem is that *all* crossovers, whether digital or analog induce a phase shift. In the 950's case, the shift is *different* between the 2, such that they are about 180 deg different.

All you need to check for phase is a discrete tone test disc. (I very quickly showed SCJim how to do it last night! When we do the Anthem vs 950 face off, we'll repeat it at his place.)

Check out...


The "best" solution for now is... Set the phase correct for the digital coax/optical inputs. Then when you switch to the 5.1 analog inputs, just either flip the phase switch on your sub, or twiddle the phase knob about a 1/2 turn. In both cases, all my speakers are small.

I agree, the 950 and 45a is a very nice combo. But with the phase correct, we can all be sure we are getting the best sound possible...
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