So far, I've not used the 950 analog 'bass management', I'm using the 45a 'bass management', I believe the crossover for 'small' speakers is 100Hz (I think, not sure where I read it).

Is sub phase still inverted when not using 950 80Hz switch?

Short of a DVD-A or SACD multi-channel AVIA, how can I go about testing phase? other than listening...which so far I cannot tell a difference 90 or 180 out. I've got a Vandy V2W.

Originally posted by Kevin C Brown:
Dude- I'm using the 45a with my 950.

The analog 80 Hz crossover on the 5.1 inputs is about 180 deg out of phase with the digital crossover used for digital inputs and 2 channels inputs that are A-to-D'ed, processed, and then D-to-A'ed. Will confirmed this on his system too.