I apologize for some of the lame questions I might be asking...but it's only because I like doing research on a product before I buy it.

I might be way off base with this..BUT...

Does the Cirrus Extra Surround mode in the 950 turn ALL 5.1 programming into 7.1 material??
If I read correctly, it simply does it's own matrixing of the surrounds and adds the extra 2 channels. If this is true, I'll indeed be watching ALL my movies again, even the neglected ones

I keep reading different views on this but I have yet to see anyone actually type that out, word for word.

Thanks for reading!..and hopefully replying! Much appreciated!

*Note* Someone PLEASE tell me how you like the CES mode...and how it sounds with 7.1 running. I am very interested in this and who better to ask then all you Outlaws!?

I'll post in another forum in hopes that more people will see it.

Play it LoUd!!
Play it LoUd!!