As I ponder on to which sub I will want to use, I need to ask all of you some questions.

I an an audiophile and music is my number one criteria. I see myself listening to CD (stereo), audio feeds from my PC, FM stereo, Movie soundtracks and broadcats via the Cable HD tuner and PS2 game console.

Music is what matters most followed by movies in that order. With this already stated and my listening area being 10 ft W x 13.5 ft L x 7 ft H. (part of a larger room), should I be concerned about going down to and lower than 20 HZ? Classic rock is my favorite genre (Pink Floyd is my favorite band) and i do like to listen to some classical music, esp. orchestral.

I am thinking about the LFM-1 as it looks like a good fit for my room. The HSU VTF-2 Mk3 is larger and go go deeper (costs more) to 18hz.

Most music IMHO cannot go down to 30 HZ. I say most not all as Pink Floyd, and some orchestral may get down to 25 HZ on occasion. I want the sub to sound musical, not boomy.

My choices appear to be the LFM-2, HSU VTF-2 MK2, or the LFM-1.

I will watch movies off a great DVD player so is 25 HZ good enough or should I go for a sub that can reach 18hz? For my music, is 25 hz low enough or do I need to go lower?

I welcome all your opinions.

Outlaw 1070, Anthem MCA5 II amp.
Sony Ps3
Alon 2 Mk2 Loudspeakers
HSU VTF-2 Mk2 sub x2
VAC PA100/100 Tube Amp
ARC SP16-L tube Preamp
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