Sub: Outlaw LMF-1 (brand new)
Rec: Yamaha RX-v2700 (brand new)
Audio Src: Computer (only src I have, apart from radio).
Sub interconnect cable from impact acoustics (brand new)


When I first got the receiver and sub, I could hear LFE from the sub. After sometime though, I realized that there was no LFE comming from the sub

I tried re-setting the receiver's speaker settings, but I still cannot get any output to the sub.


All Speakers = small
Crossover = bypassed, set to 80Hz on receiver
Sub volume setting > half-way mark
Sub is powered on
Cable is connected on the receiver to the Sub pre-outs and into the Sub input on the sub.

Test-tone for sub NOT audible from sub (other channels are okay) when I run the receiver's calibration sequence. Can hear sub output from the fronts though, if I set bass-out to Fronts.

On the setup screen of the receiver, it shows no settings for the sub's phase or distance from the setup mic. It's like the sub doesn't exist!

Other info

I went ahead and used a stero-mini jack -> RCA converter and connected my computer speaker sub to the receiver and I got sound from it.

That eliminates both the receiver and the cable as a potential source of problems.

Then I tried using the computer outs directly to the Outlaw sub and that gave me nothing.

LED behavior on Sub
The little LED on the sub lights up to show that it's receiving an audio signal, but I don't hear ANYTHING from it. Tried 'rebooting' the sub by turning it on and off a few times to no avail either.

When I turn on the sub with the auto setting, the light is red. When I run the test tones from the receiver the light turns green but no sound comes. Even after the signal fades, light is still green.

I re-ran the test, but this time with the switch on the 'on' position. Still no sound, light is green.

(no audio signal was sent in the following tests).

If I go from Off to Auto, LED = red.
If I go from Off->Auto->On, LED = green.
If I go from Off->Auto->On->Auto LED = green.

Not sure if the color is supposed to be retained like that.

I can't believe this, but I think I have a defective sub which was working when I bought it and dead now. Something in the sub's amp circuitry perhaps? Needless to say I am extremely disappointed, because I have heard so many good things about Outlaw, and cannot believe this situation. Surely there's some setting I'm missing here.

Someone please help me! This sub is not even 3 weeks old!! frown frown