I am trying to decide between a sub that I would like to purchase in a couple of months. I was hoping that current owners might chime in with their thoughts and experiences on the LFM-1 and its pro's and cons. I have read gonk's excellent review and hoped to hear from others as well.

For me:

Room 11x14x10 (temporary location, final 14x15x10)
wood floors with large area rug
Current sub is original Klipsch sw-10 (1994) not much boom but fairly quick response.

Other subs wanting to evaluate: Outlaw LFM-1, Hsu VTF-3 mkII, SVS pb12-isd/v and Rocket UFW-10

My other equipment in the chain for the possible subwoofer:

Outlaw 950
Acurus A250
Acurus 200x3
Klipsch KG-line speakers