The Outlaws would like to thank everyone who offered an opinion in this thread as part of the discussion about our new advertisement for the Model 1070 receiver. You will note that this thread is now locked, as the period during which we were accepting comments for the Outlaw Bucks drawing has ended. Should anyone wish to continue the conversation, feel free to open a thread in the Outlaw to Outlaw section of the Saloon.

It is clear that the members of the Outlaw family are a very insightful group. Your comments are appreciated, and we will give them all serious consideration as we put together a series of new ads for both our current products and some new ones yet to be announced.

In a drawing held at the Hideout from all the names in this thread, the winner of $250 in unrestricted Outlaw bucks is "zman". Congratulations!

Once again, our thanks to all who participated here. Stay tuned for more news shortly from the Outlaws. After all, there is more being hatched at the Hideout than ads!