Unfortunately through the years my visiting the Outlaw Saloon (and most others it seems) has diminished dramatically. My signature shows I'm kinda pleased with the Outlaw product line. I had 4 Atlantic Technology up-firing Atmos speakers and honestly, they just don't cut it. I discussed with Outlaw and they actually said they felt the LCR v2 speakers were overkill for Atmos ceiling use. I'm into matching speakers IF possible. I had the original LCRs for years handling my surround setup. I received four (4) new LCR v2 speakers and then asked about mounting brackets they used to sell with the original LCR's. They are no more and the v2 doesn't even have the mounting holes drilled in the back. At 20 pounds each and pointing down from the ceiling took some bracket research. I used 2 large screen TV mounts per speaker (rated at 35 pounds each). LINK - WLLAUTO Monitor TV Wall Mount Not only are they solid mounts, I am so pleased with the sound! Not only for Atmos Music and Movies but stereo sources with all speaker stereo sound BIG and awesome. Thought I should let others know that LCR v2 for Atmos ceiling mounted speakers is a life changer!
Marantz AV7702mkII, Outlaw 7220, ,7ea-Outlaw LCR (2ea.- L/2ea.- R/C/SR/SL),Outlaw 7125 for 4ea-Outlaw LCRv2 (Atmos ceiling),Outlaw Ultra-X12 & LFM-1EX Subwoofers,BR/DVD Oppo BDP-103,BDP-83SE, Samsung 65" OLCD, Sofabato remote - Whole house audio via two (2ea) 7125s.