Hi everyone,
I just got a Dayton sub 1200 as a start sub for my music room; I was curious to see what effect it would have. I'd like to understand what frequencies are sent to the sub AND to the speaker when I use the bass management switch on the back.

I understand that when the switch is engaged (60/80/100 setting) then those frequencies and below are sent to the sub. But do the remaining higher frequencies ALONE get sent to the speakers, or does the full frequency range always get sent to the speakers, regardless of bass settings?

I'm using tower speakers mostly, but also have ELAC B6.2 hooked up as my "B" speakers and alternate between them and the towers. I'm curious to know if the full spectrum of music is ALWAYS sent to the speakers.

PS: If there's ever a firmware upgrade I'd love a feature that turn off all lights on the unit, for true dark room listening. Also a feature that would show what sample depth and bit rate and data format the DAC was working with, just so I could confirm I'm receiving what I *think* I'm receiving. Love my amp smile
RR 2160 - Mission 774 towers / ELAC B6.2 speakers
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