Have had an RR2150 for a number of years now. Bought it brand new from here. Recently, I've had some issues with it. The unit kept shutting off by itself and I had to turn it on to get it going again. I did this about 3 times and on the most recent attempt it just wouldn't output sound anymore. Upon reviewing what could possibly have happened, I learned that my speakers were moved and the wires were touching. I really should have checked before turning it back on 3 times.

In any case, I think a Fuse blew in the unit when the speaker wires touched. Or possible it's still in some sort of protection mode and is stuck there.

Anything I can do to fix this issue myself? Also, I've noticed that the LCD screen display keeps getting dimmer and dimmer over the years, with some lines of the display showing very low light. Is this normal for this unit?