The Outlaws have been going through some changes; first a new website, now a new monoblock: The Model 2220.

As a backdrop, our monoblock amplifiers saw a tremendous surge of popularity in 2019. A lot of demand came from customers with AVRs who needed more power for either their inefficient speakers, or to properly fill out their large rooms.

As always, we focused on designing something that had a neutral sonic signature, low total harmonic distortion, and plenty of headroom. Similar to our Model 7000x, the Model 2220 uses chips from THAT Corporation, to provide a balanced input stage that provides common mode rejection, ensuring high fidelity performance for those who experience EMI or RFI in their listening environment. We designed an amplifier that will easily integrate into any system and will match both the sonic signature of the previous Model 2200 and our other amplifiers.

In keeping with our philosophy of an unrivaled price to performance ratio, we're introducing these new, 200W monoblocks for $399.

Make sure to check the Model 2220, and the new website, out here.