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In the past year, our Model 5000 5-channel amplifier has become one of our best selling products. At 5 x 120 watts (all channels driven into 8 ohms), this affordable powerhouse has found its way into a variety of systems for all but the largest living rooms.

Due in part to the tremendous success of the Model 5000, we have had increasing requests for a new affordable 7-channel amplifier.

Similar in style to the Model 5000, this new amplifier is rated at 7 x 130 watts (all channels driven) into 8 ohms and 7 x 200 watts into 4 ohms. In addition, this new amplifier also offers both RCA and XLR inputs.

As with all Outlaw gear, we focused on designing something that had a neutral sonic signature, low total harmonic distortion, and plenty of headroom. Similar to our previous 7-channel amp, the Model 7000x uses chips from THAT Corporation, to design a balanced input stage that provides common mode rejection, ensuring high fidelity performance for those who experience EMI or RFI in their listening environment. For those using unbalanced inputs, we've also utilized a differential-sensing RCA circuit to help reject input hum.

The Model 7000x will retail for $949. We have never offered this much power, along with XLR and RCA inputs, for this kind of price! Even better, until Dec. 9th at Midnight, we will be offering the Model 7000x in an introductory combo deal for an even more aggressive savings!

Supplies in the first few weeks will be tight, so make sure to order yours now! Initial quantities will be shipping as early as this week; first come, first serve!

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