Since the Model 7140 has been out of stock for an abnormally long period of time, we've understandably had several inquiries into its status. We've answered those who have contacted us directly, with accurate information at the time of inquiry, but it is now appropriate to provide a public announcement to bring everyone up to date.

Starting last year, our entire industry encountered major electronics parts shortages. This has continued into 2018 and has clearly impacted the Model 7140. Along with our suppliers, we worked to acquire parts from alternative sources without making sacrifices to this amp. Despite our best efforts to resurrect this model, it was not feasible. Recent increases in parts, labor, and most recently additional tariffs, put the final nail in the coffin for the Model 7140.

We knew we had to offer a new moderately priced seven channel amplifier. This design is now finished, tested, and approved. Our replacement amplifier should be ready for sale, in limited qualities, by late December or early January. Stay tuned for more information.